Thursday, February 28, 2008


SVTS 1984 gang rocks

This is an update after quite a while. The SVTS gang continues to rock. In between last blog posting and today the special events were that Sudipto Sanyal had a baby girl and Satya had twin boys. By the Way Chandan got married finally.

Our group continues to thrive together on the Yahoo group accross the globe. Though we are quite busy in our professional and family lives we have continued to be a connected as the notorious 1984 SVTS boys.

People should read this.
was there any one by the name of rajeev sakhuja at st vincent in 83 or 84. if yes please leave acomment.
Yes pal he was there in 1983. He used to play cricket for the school team and was a favourite of Brother Patron, our cricket coach. Once when the names of the boys for coming Sunday match were announed during practice, I too turned up in my whites on the matchday, as someone, and I don't think it was innocently, told me that I too had been selected. The tongue lashing I received from Brother Patron still resonates in my ears.
Rajeev Sharma, Solan, Himachal Pradesh
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