Thursday, February 28, 2008


SVTS 1984 gang rocks

This is an update after quite a while. The SVTS gang continues to rock. In between last blog posting and today the special events were that Sudipto Sanyal had a baby girl and Satya had twin boys. By the Way Chandan got married finally.

Our group continues to thrive together on the Yahoo group accross the globe. Though we are quite busy in our professional and family lives we have continued to be a connected as the notorious 1984 SVTS boys.

Friday, October 13, 2006


A Past Due Update

Gosh! it has been a year since the last update was made. Sorry guys about the procastrination. With work, family and our 'other activities' we have been able to keep the SVTS 1984 gang pretty much bustling. Kudos to everyone for keeping the 'SVTS 1984 alumni' train moving.

Well in a nut shell we have been able to get on board some of our long lost buddies. We have had Ralph Chin, Satyabarat Singh better known as Satya or Satty, Sudipto Sanyal, Anamitra Lahiri and Jasbir Singh join us. If I missed anyone out it's nothing personal, please let me know as we all are getting old with grey hair and pot belly along with it comes the lack of disk space in our short term memory banks. Our yahoo forum has been noisy and we want to keep the howls and barking going.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Ranojoy joins us

Folks lets welcome Ranojoy Chowdhury joins SVTS 1984 alumni who is in Bhubaneswar with his family............

Wednesday, October 12, 2005



We humans tend to have a funny memory system, a brain that tends to forget most of the things that happened but instead chooses to remember certain select episodes or moments from the past.

Statistically speaking, I have spent 13,870 days from the time I was born till I hit 38, that’s enormous number of days and nights that has elapsed but surprisingly very few have left behind memories worth remembering. There is one episode that’s worth sharing with all you fellows from SVTS 84 batch that has remained with me and hopefully will for a long time, unless of course I end up with Alzheimer’s like so many these days.

It was a fine spring evening in 1984 and our written exams that we studied so hard for had come to an end, also worth celebrating was the joy of finally walking away from a life of a Boarder lived in captivity. It was like any new found freedom, the joys and thrills of experiencing it all for the first time.

Today it looks so mundane to stay out late, to have a cigararette, to go out and see a movie, but then it was a different time in a different spatial dimension. It’s very hard to express the true feelings and I guess you can only know what I am talking about if you have lived through that.

Anyways coming back to my story, we were having our shower in the bathing room , one side of the wall faced the road and across the road was a three storied building that housed various classrooms , on the third floor we had the Brothers quarters. In one of them facing us down directly lived this gigantic Irish guy called Br. Hughes. He was indeed huge with a towering 6ft 4 big built. To us puny 15 year olds he definitely came off as a monster from another world.

It so happened that while we were having our shower, Stuart Grocer was passing by the road walking with a couple of girls. I don’t recall who they were, but if I correctly remember one of them was Peter Manion’s sister, Judy. I need not describe you all how Judy looked, because I am sure we all know it. Wink wink Nudge nudge!!!. As these girls passed our window they looked and giggled.

We at that point of time were in nothing but our bare minimum when someone from us spotted them walk along. What do you expect will happen next, some of us who had a reputation and penchant for trouble making got very excited and jumped up on the window making noises and hanging on the window sills. The noise level crossed all levels and I think at one point of time we were just monkeys. I must add here, that the girls on the road were having great fun watching us perform and giggling like crazy.

I recall, Alok was the good boy and he along with a few others had finished their shower and had not taken part in the jamboree. They were getting ready to go, when we in the shower room saw Br. Hugh step out in a white vest and looked down at us. I distinctly remember, seeing him come out of the room, take a look at the happenings below, walks back in, and grabs a shirt and a cane and started walking down.

By then, we knew what was in store for us. We tried to hurry and get out, but too godammed late. We were all wet when he walked in.

Now here is the funny part, he walked in and got hold of Alok and caned him near the door (poor fellow did not do a thing) and then came to all of us and told us to line up wet underpants that too.

Now you must not forget that class 10 guys generally did not get caned. This man was angry as hell, I don’t remember what he said but we were all caned about 2 -3 shots each. They were also the hardest hit. Now when he told us to line up, Alok came back and stood in the line and got it twice. Now why would he do that, why should someone get punished twice for a crime he did not commit?

So we got caned too bad for behaving like monkeys, but the story did not end there. We were all very upset that evening with Br. Hughes for behaving like that and also with Grocer and the girls for walking down a road that was forever out of bounds for Girls when we men used to have our shower. To add insult to the injury, I think we were banned from going out to town that evening.

We met our Beloved Br. Parton and spoke to him about that, and like so many times before, he must have sympathized with us , because he let us go to town.

I think we all went to bed that night very angry with what had happened to us.

Today after 21 years sometimes I feel I don’t mind doing exactly what we did then , jumping on the window silling, making catcalls and getting caned just to go back to where we once belonged, all of us together.

Dtd: Oct 12th 2005

Sabyasachi Chakravarty
Batch – ICSE 84

Friday, October 07, 2005


Vivek, Gautom & Sobham joins the SVTS 1984 Alumni

Folks lets welcome Vivek Agarwal, currently residing in New Delhi, India, Gautam Khanna, Dundee, Scotland, working as a General practice trainee with special interest in ENT and SUBHAM GHOSH currently in Kolkata, India with m/s Lee & Muirhead

More on SVTS 1984 Alumni-"Who is where"

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


SVTS 1984 Alumni on Yahoo

SVTS 1984 Alumni has an active forum on Yahoo group.

Ravi and Alok are posting pictures of all the 'Vantools' on a dedicated SVTS website. Come and join us there.

St. Vincent's Asansol, Alumni
St. Vincents High and Technical School Asansol Alumni

Saturday, September 24, 2005


A more growing list of 1984 'Vantols'

Alok Kumar Bhagat
Alok Saha
Amitava Chatterjee
Amitava Mukherjee
Amrit Pal Singh
Anjan Chattoraj
Arindam Samanta
Arnab Banerjee
Arvind Keskar
Bhavin H Jani
Brian Tong
Chandan Chaudhury
Debashis Sanbui
Dip N. Bagchi
Glen Singh
Kaushik Dutta
Lal Chakraborty
Lilaram Gurung
Mahesh Junjunwalah
Meboob Ahmed
Murugan Piryanamangam
Nilay Ball
Pragyan Rana
Prayog Rana
Rahul Kakar
Ranojoy Chowdhury
Ravi K Rai
Ritesh Rathore
Sabyasachi Chackraborty
Sailesh Raval
Sam Kurien
Sandeep K Dey
Sanjay Chaudhary
Sanjay Saha
Sanjay Keskar
Sanjeev Bhat
Satyabrat Singh
Shahab Zaman
Shobam Ghosh

Sohailurrahman Rahman
Subroto Majumder
Sudeep Banerjee
Sunit Nivetia
Suvasish Ganguly aka Suvo Ganguly
Trilochan Singh Kapur
Vivek Agarwal
Vivek Karan Parekh

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