Friday, January 28, 2005


Hotel info in Asansol if you visit St. Vincent's

Well, we thought of putting up some hotel info in Asansol. If any one plans to stop by St. Vincent's High & Technical School. We compiled them from Internet and have no clue as to how they are etc. If you guys are planning to take your family, then we will strongly recomend you call in advance and find out how good these hotels are. Just thought of posting them for being handy. By the way area code for Asansol is 341 (dialing from outside India) and 0341 (within India).

Hotels at Asansol
Evergreen Hotel Abdul Latif Lane, Asansol 2204927
Hotel Akbar Leignton Place, B.B. Road, Asansol 2204758
Hotel Arti 7/162, G.T. Road. Raha Lane. 2206455-58
Hotel Asansol Inn
Opp. Police Line , Burnpur Road
Hotel Asansol International 66, G.T. Road (East). Murgasol. 2204875-77/20
Hotel Asansol Taj B. B. Road. Bakar Ali Lane, Asansol 2212075
Hotel Atithi
Atithi Complex. 1 G.T. Road. Hutton Road More, Asansol 2201431
Hotel Classic B.B. Road, Asansol 2206373
Hotel Durga 27, Apcar Garden, Senrailey Road 2253340
Hotel Geetanjali Station Road More, 114, G.T. Road
(Opp. Fire Brigade), Asansol
Hotel Glossy Bastin Bazar, Asansol Market 2202208
Hotel Gloster Bastin Bazar. Asansol Market 2203730
Hotel Maharaja 163/8, G.T. Road, Asansol 2203119
Hotel Maithan Kalyaneswari 2521405
Hotel Mousumi
29, Nuruddin Road, Near Asram More, Asansol 2204280
Hotel Paramount Bastin Bazar, Asansol Market 2202340
Hotel Plaza Plaza Market Bastin Bazar, Asansol 2203830
Hotel Rajshree 46, Siv Mandir Road, Asansol 2205637
Hotel Sarita 17, G.T. Road Asansol 2207686/3152
Hotel Sadab Bastin Bazar Asansol Market 2204218
Hotel Shradhanjali
20 & 22, G.T. Road Asansol
Above Ghanty Cloth Store
Tourist Hotel 169, G.T. Road, Asansol 2202270


You are did you get the names of all the hotels? I am still waiting for somebody to write a coment on this site except you and me.
I wonder if you send a mailto St. Vincent's and send it to some of the teachers who are still there then we may come in touch with them.
If you want I can do that too.
If it does not cost anything to keep this blog-site then we should continue it..
Yep Bhavin!
Want to make this site revolving with St. Vincent's. Actually I have been busy last week. I will mail the school a letter/flier to inform the teachers. Yes, we will keep this site alive. Maybe we can 'bs' here even after our retirement. LOL.


It will be great if you can send a snail mail to the school so the teachers who are still there can hook up here.


I have found the magazine "Vincentian 2004" and will see if I can find some photos to scan from it..and names of some teachers who are still there...
I will keep in touch

That is great news. We can certainly post that info up here.

Oh so we have a magazine vincentian 2004. Hmmmm interesting..

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Br Ballantyne. He was an Anglo-Indian student of SVTS who then joined the brotherhood was there when I left in 1968. I enjoyed the the piece on Mr Claridge, I remember him well not quite the way you describe him, seems he moulded his austere style on another teacher from the past the legendary Mr Bremner.
We remember brother Ballantyne and his hockey pretty well
Hello 1968
S.K. is how I was called then. Passed out in 1966/67 (JED). Who are you and where are you !!! If you run into this piece of write up pls do contact us. ( 9431839903)
Hello 1968,
This is SK if you can recall !!! A 1966/67 (JED) student. Ever since I came across ur little note I am eager to get into touch with you. Here's my mob. no.9431838903
Pls. do not keep me waiting.
S K Singh
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