Friday, October 13, 2006


A Past Due Update

Gosh! it has been a year since the last update was made. Sorry guys about the procastrination. With work, family and our 'other activities' we have been able to keep the SVTS 1984 gang pretty much bustling. Kudos to everyone for keeping the 'SVTS 1984 alumni' train moving.

Well in a nut shell we have been able to get on board some of our long lost buddies. We have had Ralph Chin, Satyabarat Singh better known as Satya or Satty, Sudipto Sanyal, Anamitra Lahiri and Jasbir Singh join us. If I missed anyone out it's nothing personal, please let me know as we all are getting old with grey hair and pot belly along with it comes the lack of disk space in our short term memory banks. Our yahoo forum has been noisy and we want to keep the howls and barking going.


I am an SVTS alum from 1980. Good to see you guys trying to stay in touch with all your school buddies.

Look forward to all your updates regarding the school on this site. Since I am from Asansol, I still get opportunities of visiting the school. Sadly, lot of our playgrounds have now been sold out and the campus does not look so impressive any more.

I live and work in Washington DC. Been in North America since 1990. I work as a project manager in mid-size consulting company.

my email id is

Paul Upadhyay, SVTS, 1980
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