Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Ranojoy joins us

Folks lets welcome Ranojoy Chowdhury joins SVTS 1984 alumni who is in Bhubaneswar with his family............

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My name is Ralph Chin. I attended St. Vincent's school in Asansol frm 1977 to 1980 (4th grade to 7th grade). My teachers were (4)Mr. John Santos (5) Mrs Ghosh. (6) Mrs Singh (7) Mr. Singh. I dropped out after 1980 to goto Don Bosco Calcutta. I am currently in New Jersey for the past 17 years working as a systems developer for an international firm. Even though I spent only four years in SVTS, those were the years with the most cherishing memories.

Hi Ralph,

How are you brother? This is Satya, I am with Qatar Airways in Kolkata. I saw your comments, I nearly had tears in my eyes.

Keep in touch - satty666@gmail.com,
Mobile - 00 91 98306 89666

Take care n be touch brother,
Satya '84
Hi Guys,

Its great to have a site dedicated for SVTS-1984.....I am one of them.
Thanks to Alok & Sudip to guide me to this site.....Many have forgotten me and hence to brush up their busy mind I put forward my details ....
My name is Sudipto Sanyal(this has not changed even after so many years and hence will help some of u to recollect me). I can see my photo in some of the class photos posted on the site... that is a great feeling.

I am now settled in Delhi working with an MNC as Mktg Manager.

I was reading about the Topchanchi picnic ..... one thing all of you have missed out is that me and Bagchi took Gabu's tape recorder (which was brand new one while going ) and brought it back with some of the parts missing....Gabu came to know that we took his tape recorder only when it came back and we have put the same quitely in his room....next day we took leave and he was as usual searching us.....

I had some contact with Niloy Ball, Debanshu Ghosh, Raja Laik & Manas Ghosh.... and will definitely try to rope them in.

Came to know from a St.Pat's guy that Poila Ghosh's son is now a big tea-taster at Kolkata....hope tea is safe than coke & pepsi...

Hope to get few calls and mails...

my e-mail ID:deepankan@indiatimes.com and mobile:9350104689(Delhi)


Sudipto Sanyal
Dear Rano, anamitra here , need I say anything more call me get in touch with me ASAP-9830068472.
BABA sudipto tumi kothay?
Hello Friends.
This is Shailesh Ravel. I am still at Dhanbad and at the same place where we had our supper during the Topchachi trip. Do you guys remember that we also saw a movie at Ray Talkies? It's nice to hear about the old group once again. Recently I had visited SVTS. It is marooned. The charm it had during our time is gone. Friends, it has changed a lot and also decreased in size. Many of the 14 fields are sold and colonies have sprung up. The dining hall and the study room converted to classrooms. The TECH side is deserted. The music room too. But the magnificent building still stands boastfully. I am engaged in automobile business, journalism and advt. business for The Telegraph, Dainik Vishwamitra, The Hindu and The Statesman. Engaged with a local hindi daily Bihar Observer. You know journalism is in our blood. My brother Big Ravel (Milan Ravel) is with me.
My contact no. 9431191522 and e-mail dhn_sravel@dataone.in
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