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Teachers of 1984 Batch

As teachers played a cruisal role in 'what we are able to accomplish ', we thought that we would like to list the teachers who taught us. Again, it has been almost 21 years from our graduation of high school so we may have missed some............Please inform us if you guys remember some so we will update this post. We would urge the all the St. Vincent's Teachers, past or present, even if you did not teach us or not just drop in few words.

Br. Burke English
Br. Folley English & Principal
Br. McCann English & Vice Principal
Mr. Bhattacharya Physics & Chemistry
Mr. Biswas History & Civics
Mr. Bhattacharya
Mr. E. Dragwich English
Mr. Gabriel English & Math
Mr. Mathews Physics & Chemistry
Mr. Roy Bengali
Mrs. Vadhawan Commerce
Mrs. Paula Ghosh English
Mrs. Rajni Bhandari Geography
Mrs. Siebel Biology
Ms. Cardoza English
Mrs. Andrews Hindi

This is a growing list need some support from you guys s we can keep adding......

Hindi--Ms Andrews
SUPW--Mr. Bhhatacharrya--you cannot forget him!!
Moral Science--Don't remember
Keep up the good job..Sudeep.I think you have just about everybody

Where is everybody.....
Sudeep..are you there?

I am here Bhavin! Just kinda busy lately.

Bhavin, Sudeep

I think we had another teacher for hindi. dont get his name.... daah.

Br. Hughes class teacher, maths, english (that writing....)

Was Mr. Kispotta a teacher for arts & science?

Mr Kispotta, if I recollect correctly was in St. Joseph's Colleges, Bowbazar and not St. Vincent's.
So good to finally make contact. I have searched for a while to get some info on my class of '84.
Anyway, I am a Family Practice physician in Pennsylvania, USA. Doing well; married; 3 children.
Will try and keep in contact.
God Bless,
Sam Kurien
What about Bhavin?
Seems to have disappeared from the
radar completely
Does anybody know what happened to Ms. Andrews???

Her 4 kids, if I am not mistaken, were very smart kids. they were there at the same time.
I felt sad when I read about Br. Parton under WHO IS WHERE section. I remember him as a staunch Australian supporter. In the cricket field his FADED RED COUNTY CAP with Australian logo is still so vivid. A GOOD man...Lord bless him.

Kim Hughes, the Australian cricket captain brought his team and Bruce Yardley was going strong. Br. Parton took out a black board and jotted down the Australian score and his individual score ( 100+ if I remember correctly), as well. Soon, he was out and Australian team started crumbling. Immediately, he rubbed off the board and took it inside. All the guys, the real cricket lovers, standing there to get the glimpse of the score of the ongoing match started laughing. It was funny.

In Sabyasachi's note the girl, Judy, they were cat-calling, I think became teacher. After that I do not know what happened to her. Her mother started a kids school.

I still admire Br. Hughes. Does anybody know what happened to him? If not I will find out because I still live in the same place, a walking distance from the school. Though I became a US citizen, Asansol is still my home. So many memories......I am visiting India in October. As I said I live close to the school I will stop by and if I find something I will let you guys know.
hey guys,
rememember me ...bison!guess who. satya bharat and a few more will remember. preston norman dudes! got a sober life around but hmmm still messing around svts style haha! keep in touch was nice raking back the years.
To All The Ex-Students of SVTS,Asansol.
12:57 Noon Dubai,UAE time.

Its a great feeling and emotional memories when I read the names of my school teachers whom we still remember & admire most of them for many reasons.
Chasing the old days doing all mischieveous things in schools with teachers ,getting punished sometimes when caught ,swimming or playing games during lunch time and above all that Inter-school race where our most outstanding sportsperson Mr Biju shah if I spelled corectly winning the race with thunder shining the St Vincents Brand name and participating in the school Dramas & stage shows .
I still remember Mr Elvin Dragwege 2 time my class teacher and my elder brother colleague when they were studying together,Mr Bhattacharya our chemistry teacher whose rattas formulas sometimes used to go above my head ,Bro Mc Cann ,Highes ,Mrs Ghosh ,Mr Andrews ,Mr Singh our PT teacher and many more ....
I misss you all !

Most of my friends & colleagues in school & college are now having successful careers in jobs & business and shoulid be having families ... I mizz u folks ...God Bless u all !

Well we have sold our house in Burnpur couple years back but my sisters are still staying in Jamshedpur and my elder brother in New Delhi .
I am staying in Dubai since couple of years married to a Filipina last year, 2007 enjoying the best of my life here in Dubai ,,,its a mindblowing city with many opportunities with world class sky-scrapers and fantastic lifestyles ,cars and hot babes to name a few . Its a home away from home I can say as mostly we find Indians here followed by pakistanis,labanese ,filipinos,syrian,sudanses,american,germans, all of them offering you many things to learn ..

I m visiting india early next year in my vacations and I will be visiting my schools ,old house in Burnpur where I can show my wife all the beautful places meeting old friends .

Love you all friends !

Harjit Sabharwal
1987 Batch.
bhavin do you remember me,i am mehboob
Hi I am Vijayendra Prasad From 1987 Xth batch . I was in Boarding . I sanyone out there from My Batch .
it is not one of the best but THE BEST SCHOOL OF ALL TIME.the best teachers ,the very best enviorment.
hello i m rakesh khanna of 1987 batch ,is any one out there
Shame the school is now co-ed. Hi, its Rajeev- 10A 1984- boarder all my life. Let see some name which crop up in my mind- Satya Brat Singh ( I once went with him to Calcutta and had a spill while alighting from the tram, F S Chu (he was house captain- Mathews and used to come 1st in the 100 meters, Gurung- again house captain Mathews, Brian Tong, Glen Singh, Sailesh Raval, Saldanah ( don't remember his exact name- he and Satya Brat once had a fight in the tuck shop of senior section). Then there was Saldanah's younger bro- a real maverick- had a fetish for karate and showed off his skills of breaking bricks with his head. Chatterjee- our school cricket team opener. Norman- he was afro I think and his father resembled Jim Kelly. And why forget Qasim- he cared for me when i was admitted in the school hospital with jaundice. Sister- her injections at the start of semester were a terror, for atleast three days one could not touch or move the arm and above that trials for the school athletic meet used to be held during this time. Mr Claridge- the in-charge of junior section boarding. I just jumped from my seat. Guess why? From the pain of the wallops of his cane on the bum.
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